Writing Associates act as informed readers of student work in progress. 

They encourage students to look at “higher order concerns,” such as content, organization, structure, thesis, analysis, and transitions, and also to develop a plan for revision in written work. WAs partner with professors and students to examine the broader elements of an assignment and through conversation allow students to reevaluate the critical reading and writing process.

The following suggestions have been prepared by Writing Associates for fellow students:

  • We are students, just like you.
  • A WA serves as a peer reader, not an instructor, and therefore our word is not the law.
  • It is up to the student to take a WA’s suggestions, but he/she is by no means obligated to do so. It is important that the student consider a WA’s suggestions in comparison with what their professor has discussed in class.
  • We come prepared to meet with you, so please do the same.
  • Try not to cancel conferences, but if you must cancel, it is imperative to let us know with ample time to reschedule.
  • Be sure to find out the best way to contact your WA; knowing his/her contact information makes it easier to reschedule a missed conference or contact the WA with assignment questions.
  • Your professor has the first and only say with regard to your grade on an assignment.
  • Not quite finished with your draft? We can do just as much with an incomplete draft or outline as we can with a finished one, so do not stress if you haven’t finished in time for a conference—come with whatever you’ve got.
  • WAs are friendly, and we really are concerned with your progress on an assignment. Feel free to email your WA with any questions and concerns that may arise after a given conference.
  • It is important to remember that the conference belongs to you. Please come in prepared to participate and ready to inform your WA of what it is that you wish to discuss or accomplish. It is beneficial to you to come with questions and an open mind.
  • We can help you form a better understanding of what it is you are trying to say and how to get that message across to your audience effectively.
  • During drop-in hours, you can meet with a WA for any assignment, not just those for which you are already assigned a WA. You can have us read it cold and get our feedback. Expect to spend an average of a half hour with use. Drop-in hours are Sunday through Thursday, 3-5pm (in Pardee 319) and 7-9pm (in Skillman Library).