If you enjoy writing, talking about writing, and helping other writers, then you should apply to be a WA! All majors are welcome.

The College Writing Program only hires new WAs in the spring semester for the following fall. WA assignments are for one semester only (mostly fall). However, WAs who perform satisfactorily and remain in good standing with CWP may remain on our roster until they graduate and will receive first consideration for any available assignments.

As a WA, you will spend an average of six hours a week (some weeks will be much busier) helping students from a variety of departments with their writing assignments. WAs are assigned to work with students in a specific course, and may also be assigned drop-in hours. You will also attend workshops and weekly staff meetings. WAs are paid a fixed stipend per semester. All new WAs are required to attend orientation, which will be held all-day on Sunday, August 25, 2024 of this year.


  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • The ability to communicate well in writing and in conversation


You’ll need to have the following things ready to apply:

  • Names (first and last) and e-mail addresses of at least two (and up to three) Lafayette professors who can attest to your writing ability, critical thinking, and/or interpersonal communication skills. Make sure you ask these faculty members if they will serve as a reference for you before including them in your application.
  • A brief (350 word max.) statement of interest explaining why you wish to become a WA. In this statement, you may want to explain why the job interests you, what you see as the importance of Writing Associates at Lafayette, how WAs help student writers, or what skills and/or experience you have that qualify you to become a WA.
  • A sample of your academic writing that you can upload as an MSWord document or PDF file (no other formats are acceptable). In general, we prefer to see samples of work you have written here at Lafayette. Assignments you have submitted for FYS or a writing-intensive (W) course are especially good choices. A good length would be about 5 pages (double-spaced), but papers that are a bit shorter or longer are fine.

The application for Fall 2024 has closed.


Emma Hetrick

Coordinator, CWP. 319A Pardee Hall, x 5233.