The Lafayette College Write-A-Thon is our way of celebrating theĀ National Day on Writing. The event is usually sponsored by the Creative Writing and the College Writing Program. We convene in the afternoon and write for about two hours. The tables are filled with writing prompts to spark ideas, and in the past we have had a variety of “living” prompts–from musicians to faculty paddling imaginary boats–to energize people’s creativity. If you come, you can write, grab a button, and enter our eight word memoir contest. Sometimes we even have cookies. This year’s thon will take place on October 18th at 4:10 in the Marlow Room.

The Lafayette College Write-a-Thon FAQ

Q: Should I come to the Write-A-Thon?

A: Yes!

Q: What’s a Thon?

A: We’re not quite sure. According to its etymology, thon is chiefly a Scottish word used as an adjective that means “being the one yonder” or a pronoun that means “the one yonder.” So you can go to yon Write-A-Thon. (Or you could accept theĀ  boring explanation that thon is a suffix derived from marathon and applied to a variety of events; although, two hours isn’t technically a marathon writing session, but we get hungry around six so we leave for dinner).

Q: What is an eight word memoir?

A: The story of your life in eight words. (see what we did there?)

Q: What is the purpose of the Lafayette Write-A-Thon?

A: It is our celebration of the National Day on Writing. It is also our attempt to make Lafayette just a little weirder.

Q: Do I have to write creatively if I attend?

A: No. You can write whatever you want. Or you can do your homework and enjoy the atmosphere (and by atmosphere we mean that husky odor of fear and self-loathing that a productive session might induce in any writer).

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: It’s free! However if you begin a novel at the Write-a-Thon, and that novel makes you rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams, you are more than welcome to endow our thon generously. That will ensure we have free cookies for the foreseeable future.

Q: Do I need a secret password for entrance?

A: No. But if you make a cryptic joke with a punchline that involves the number 42 we will make you an honorary member of the non-existent Lafayette Writer’s Club.