Proposals for W courses must include evidence that: 

  1.  Students will complete at least 20 double-spaced pages (or about 5,000 words) of “finished” writing (writing that has been revised in response to feedback from readers).  Instructors may assign more than 20 pages/5,000 words (many do).  Writing above the minimum amount may, but is not required, to be revised and could serve other course and/or writing goals (e.g., informal writing about the reading, writing to generate class discussion, reflective writing about a student’s revision process, etc.
  2. The 20 double-spaced pages/5,000 words will be assigned at regular intervals across the semester rather than all at the end.
  3. Students will have regular opportunities to revise their writing. While instructors normally review (but don’t necessarily comment on) much of their students’ writing, peer review by fellow students and/or Writing Associates is strongly encouraged.
  4. Instructors will provide in-class or in-conference attention to the special conventions of writing (disciplinary, formal, generic, etc.) required by their assignments.

The College Writing Program (CWP) provides support for teaching and learning with writing across the curriculum. Faculty developing writing courses are encouraged to consult CWP as early as possible in the course proposal process.  

(From CEP Course Proposal FAQ)