WA for FYS 161: Songwriter's Voice with Prof. Torres

Photo of Dylan Sarich. He is wearing a dark jacket and pants and is standing hands clasped in front of a piece of art.Dylan C. Sarich is currently a junior majoring in English with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance studies. His favorite novel (as of writing) is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (and “The Children of Hurin”), his favorite film (which has never changed) is “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and his favorite television show is “LOST”. LOST is actually what motivated Dylan to start writing in freshman year of high school. He wanted to write a story that captured the mystery and complexity of LOST. He ended up writing the novel “Muneral Inc.”, which can now be found on Amazon. Outside of school, Dylan greatly enjoys walking his dog Ajax, (while spending time in nature) and studying storytelling of many mediums. Dylan is notorious with having trouble editing his own work. It takes a large amount of time for Dylan to be able to edit a piece of his own writing. Therefore, practicing editing through this program is exactly what he needs in order to improve his capabilities of writing. This means that Mr. Dylan himself is quite heavily motivated to better YOUR writing, as it helps himself. I also would like to add a bit of altruism to my bio by saying that I do wish more people were better writers, just since (to me) writing is super important in all aspects of life! I hope I can help you and your writing! :)

Subject Strengths: Creative writing, literary analysis, presentations, historical essays, etc.